4 Ideas for Lead Generation to Improve Your Business’ Conversion Rates

With the advent of the internet, the consumer has been empowered. They can choose from a large number of online retailers. Therefore, marketers have to look for clever ways to generate traffic and convert those numbers to orders. It involves not only thinking about capturing the audience’s attention but do it in such a way that it makes people want to learn more about your company or product.

  1. Strategically Place Call to Action

The call to action much be placed in such a way that it profoundly affects the lead generation on your website. Many marketers do not experiment with the placement and test different sections of the page to optimize the conversion rate. The placement tests should begin with adding the call to action where a person’s eyes naturally wander when they open up a webpage. A study shows that visitors begin by scanning the upper left corner and then move downwards in an F-shape.

  1. Use Pop-ups and Prompt Properly

Online shoppers hate pop-ups and their loathing is understandable. Many marketers place these prompts in such a way that it disrupts the browsing experience. However, the pop-ups can work if used properly. They should be used in a way that enhances the experience and does not disturb it. The pop=up must be aligned with the webpage and add to its substantial value.

  1. Promote Launches on Blogs and Other Sources

Whenever you are launching a new marketing campaign, the news should be posted on the brand’s personal blog. This is an important aspect of the launch because it lets the subscribers know about the new content through automatic notifications. They will be aware of the products, features and other upcoming sales through this promotion and it also reaches out to new audience as well.

  1. Create Social Media Pages

Social media is not only good for marketing metrics and brand awareness. It can also serve as a practical way to generate leads. Social media is a low-cost marketing tool which helps customers interact with the brand. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the few social sites which can increase the conversion rates through regular, quality content. These posts can be linked to the website landing page and the blog post to allow a greater flow of traffic to your website and in turn a greater number of sales.


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